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Friday 4th June 2021

New delivery rate

In short:

Delivery is now a flat rate of £7 regardless of how many cases you order.


We have now outsourced the fulfilment of our website orders to WDS/Beerhunter who are based near Manchester. Where we’re set up to for import and on-trade distribution, WDS are set up for packing and dispatch for retail. 

We pay WDS a rate which includes storing and breaking down pallets, packing individual cases to order and sending through DPD. If your order comes in before midday, Monday-Friday, they’ll dispatch the same day. They also provide our customer service in the unlikely event you have an issue with your delivery. So far we’ve been passing on a subsidised tiered rate for delivery of £7 for up to two cases, £14 for up to four, and so on.

This week however, we have decided to remove the tiered system and offer a flat rate of £7. One case or ten, you'll still only pay £7. It means we have to heavily subsidise the cost, but we recognise that delivery costs are off-putting and ultimately, we just want you to be able to enjoy these incredible beers and ciders!

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