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Read our latest blog! 'Top 6 Everyday German Beer Drinking Traditions to Try Today'
Read our latest blog! 'Top 6 Everyday German Beer Drinking Traditions to Try Today'

The Rothaus Collection with 1/2 Pint Tankard


11 beers and a glass


The Rothaus Collection is the ideal way to sample the Rothaus range, or give a friend an amazing German beer gift!

A variety of super-premium beers are included - Rothaus Pilsner, Kellerbier (cellar beer) and Hefeweizen (wheat beer), along with their unrecognisably alcohol-free Pilsner.

The Collection also includes a beautifully designed Rothaus 1/2 pint tankard.

What’s Included?

In the case (all 330ml/33cl):

2x Rothaus Pils (Rothaus Tannenzäpfle) 5.1%

2x Rothaus Märzen (Rothaus Eiszäpfle) 5.6%

2x Rothaus Black Forest Maidle (Rothaus Schwarzwald Maidle) 5.1%

2x Rothaus Wheat Beer (Rothaus Weizenzäpfle) 5.4%

1x Rothaus Radler Shandy (Rothaus Radlerzäpfle) 2.4%

1x Rothaus Alcohol Free Pils (Rothaus Alkoholfrei Tannenzäpfle) 0.5%

1x Rothaus Alcohol Free Wheat Beer (Rothaus Alkoholfrei Weizenzäpfle) 0.5%


1x Rothaus Black Forest Limited edition 1/2 pint glass

1x Tannenzäpfle label translation postcard

Why Rothaus?

Hugely popular in Germany for decades, Rothaus (Red House) beers are rapidly transcending their international cult status to become the super-premium choice for connoisseurs worldwide.

Rothaus beers are only brewed with pure soft mineral water from Germany’s Black Forest mountain region, noble aromatic hops from Tettnang and Hallertau, and summer barley malt grown near Lake Constance.

Did You Know?

The Rothaus Collection includes one of each beer from the Rothaus range, with an additional Rothaus Pils - the flagship Rothaus beer, brewed since 1956.