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🍺 Click here to learn about German beer styles, brewing, traditions, and more! 🍺
🍺 Click here to learn about German beer styles, brewing, traditions, and more! 🍺
Then and Now: The Story -

Then and Now: The Story

What better way to start our new blog than by asking Sandip ‘Sandy’ Patidar, Founder & MD of, to share his story?

What does it take to successfully import, and ship directly to you, the finest export strength, alcohol-free, and low calorie German beer and cider? Read on to find out…

Thank you so much for visiting our online store.

Like so many businesses, ours started from a tiny home-garage. My wife, Ira, and I, had an ‘already old’ MK2 Discovery which we would load up with beer (German, of course) and hand-deliver, before dawn, to cellars across London.

This was back in 2007 and from then until now, we have worked exclusively with pubs, restaurants and bottle shops. We are proud of our reputation as an importer of German drinks and we are deeply passionate about the fantastic hospitality industry in this country.

It has, of course, been a difficult time for so many and, as we enter a brave new world, we as a business have diversified into online retail. Fortunately, the fantastic drinks we import also come in ‘small pack’ - that is, bottles and cans. This means we can give you the opportunity to experience some of the most delicious drinks Germany has to offer, from the comfort of your own home.

As for Germany itself, it’s a country that we as both a family and as a business have a long history. My father was a doctor from Heidelberg and my mother was a nurse. I studied in Germany (in Passau) and although I was never going to pursue medicine, I have my grandfather to thank since he was, in fact, a distributor of Zambian beer! Prost, Opa.

We continue to be a family run business and as such, we hope you are thrilled with the drinks you receive via this online store. If you feel we could improve on our service, please reach out to me directly.



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