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🍺 Click here to learn about German beer styles, brewing, traditions, and more! 🍺
🍺 Click here to learn about German beer styles, brewing, traditions, and more! 🍺

Bayreuther HELL 4.9% 330ml (33cl) Bottles

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Authentic Bavarian Helles in a charming smaller bottle


Enjoy centuries of Bavarian Helles brewing tradition with every sip of Bayreuther HELL.

Crafted by the prestigious Bayreuth Brewery of Upper Franconia, this Helles beer captures the essence of North Bavaria in a 33cl bottle. Locally sourced ingredients (including malts from regional farmers and Hallertauer Aroma and Bitter hops) deliver deliciously authentic Bavarian Helles flavours and aromas.

True to the Bavarian Purity Law, Bayreuther HELL is brewed with only four natural ingredients (water, malt, hops, and yeast) to create a pure and natural German Beer to savour.

Brewed with passion and expertise by Bayreuth's skilled brewmasters, Bayreuther HELL is a refreshingly light and spicy German Helles.

With its bright golden hue and ample foam head, Bayreuther HELL is a visual treat. Its fine effervescence and wonderfully spicy notes make it a must-try for German beer enthusiasts seeking an authentic taste of Bavaria's brewing heritage.

Experience the charm of Bavarian Helles in a smaller bottle with Bayreuther HELL 33cl.

*Blue plastic Bayreuther Brauhaus crate not included. Bottles shipped in protective and recyclable cardboard packaging.

Tasting Notes

Bayreuther HELL shines in the glass with its bright golden colour and ample foam head.

The nose registers enticingly fresh, floral notes with a slight hint of honey and lemon.

On the palate, a light, wonderfully spicy, and tasty beer with the finest effervescence: a great composition of honey, caramel, and floral hop notes with a hint of grain.


Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, yeast (and that’s all!)

Alcohol content: 4.9% vol.

Bitterness units: 32

Gravity: 11.50° P

Nutrition & Dietary


Did You Know?

An honest and tasty light beer, Bayreuther HELL has been brewed and loved in Bavaria for centuries.

Bayreuther HELL was awarded gold at the Brussels Beer Challenge in 2023. In the same year, the beer not only received silver at the World Beer Awards, but also scored 91 points at the Finest Beer Selection. In addition, the beer secured first place in the ‘Helles’ category at the fizzz beverage highlights. Bayreuth Hell 2019 had gold and 2021 bronze at the European Beer Star awards.

Bayreuther Brauhaus is the traditional brand of the Bayreuth Brewery and has stood for traditional Bavarian brewing for over 150 years.