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Rothaus Radler Shandy 2.4% (33cl bottles)


Sizzling hot German summer's in a glass.

An ultra-refreshing combination of the Rothaus Märzen blended with a soft and beautifully carbonated lemonade to create an impeccable Shandy.

Citrus, grassy, apple aromas meet a malty bitterness, while smooth, small bubbles provide a gorgeous mouthfeel.

Produced using real lemon extract, the addition of lemonade means the Rothaus Radler is low in alcohol and low in calories – at just 2.4% and 66 calories per 33cl bottle.


Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, lemon soda
Alcohol content: 2.4% vol.
Gravity: 6.0%
Bitterness units: 14