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Rothaus Tannenzäpfle 5.1% (33cl bottles)


The magic of the Zäpfle


The Tannenzäpfle has distinct lemon and grassy notes on the nose with a light spice and bready Pilsner malts on the palate. 

Easily the most balanced beer we've ever known. Flawless carbonation and sensational drinkability.

An absolute must-try, worldly beer!


The Rothaus Pils in the smaller bottle is known as 'Tannenzäpfle’. It's the same beer, but the name and size of the smaller bottles have a huge significance in the beer world.

Often shortened to just 'Zäpfle' meaning 'fir cones', the launch of the Tannenzäpfle paved the way for 330ml (33cl) as a world measure.

Prior to the 330ml bottle, beer was generally stored in 700ml (70cl) or 1L bottles. It was the introduction of the Tannenzäpfle in 1956 that led to the global acceptance of beer served in a smaller bottle.

Synonymous with the pine trees of the Black Forest in South-West Germany (where Rothaus is based), each bottle in Zapfle range features seven fir cones on the label — whereas the 500ml equivalent doesn't.


Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops
Alcohol content: 5.1% vol.
Gravity: 12.4%
Bitterness units: 32