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Is Alcohol-Free Beer a Good Choice for Sports and Fitness? -

Is Alcohol-Free Beer a Good Choice for Sports and Fitness?

Every Dry January, thousands of people consider going alcohol-free as a step towards being healthier after their Christmas overindulgence. Less well known, but catching on fast, is the idea of using non-alcoholic beers as a way to improve sports performance and overall fitness, long-term. Andrew Morgan, Sales & Marketing Director, Black Forest Beers and member of the British Guild of Beer Writers shares the reasons why…

Beer has traditionally been seen as something to be avoided by those engaging in sports and fitness activities; because alcohol is unlikely to make people better at scoring goals, running faster, or winning shots at tennis. However, those of a certain age will probably remember pints of beer being essential to a game of darts on TV, along with chain-smoking and big bellies. Those were the days, eh?!

How do alcohol-free beers hydrate and aid muscle recovery?

The revolution has come via alcohol-free beers and their isotonic nature. A lot of good things come from the brewing process and, without the alcohol, they can be seen as something positive for those involved in sports and recreation.

Basic water will certainly hydrate before, during, and after fitness activities but alcohol-free beers are made of water, carbohydrates, proteins, sugars, and micronutrients. This is why they can hydrate as well as aid muscle recovery and prevent cramping.

How do non-alcoholic beers reduce the risk of inflammation?

On top of this, the hops, barley, and wheat in the beer include antioxidants and polyphenols.

Antioxidants are great for general health, but polyphenols are the real stars as they protect body tissues from oxidative stress which reduces the risk of inflammation, something that’s very important in the recovery process of exercise, sports, and fitness.

Why are the health benefits of alcohol-free beers less well-known?

The irony is that these benefits exist in all beers but, due to Government legislation, the industry can’t discuss it. We can’t show people being happy drinking, aren’t allowed to feature anyone under 25 in alcohol adverts, and must ensure marketing cannot be interesting to those under 18 years of age. Alcohol can ruin lives, so we understand the need to legislate and mitigate its dangers, however, once you take the booze out of the beer, then it’s absolutely fine to talk about its amazing health benefits to those with an energetic lifestyle.

Consider adding our range of amazing non-alcoholic beers to your fitness routine

A nice cold alcohol-free Pilsner beer after a session at the gym? Nice choice. A couple of alcohol-free Radlers in a pint glass after an early evening run? Awesome. Dry January could lead you into a new way of thinking about your relationship with beer and fitness and it doesn’t have to revolve around alcohol.

So, why let alcohol get in the way of enjoying a German beer when it tastes as good as ours?

Sportspeople, contact us today (we’ll make it worth your while)!

If you’d like your local tennis/football/running club or gym to stock amazing non-alcoholic beers from Rothaus, then please get in touch via our sister company Black Forest Beers. We’ll certainly make it worth your while if they start buying, so it’s a potential win, win, win for everyone!

Join the alcohol-free sports and fitness revolution!

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Lloyd - January 25, 2024

Currently my first January where I’m trying not to have any alcohol and a pint of Dunkel or Witbier would sure be nice right now!

Tom - January 25, 2024

Cannot get enough of alcohol free beers and now it’s healthy too? Win win!

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