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Celebrating Rothaus Icon Biergit Kraft on World Art Day -

Celebrating Rothaus Icon Biergit Kraft on World Art Day

As World Art Day (Monday 15th April) approaches, Andrew Morgan, Sales & Marketing Director, Black Forest Beers and member of the British Guild of Beer Writers is delighted to honour a beloved icon that resonates with both the Rothaus Brewery's heritage and the cultural fabric of the Black Forest: Biergit Kraft.

Read on to win a case of Rothaus beer!

The Legend of Biergit Kraft, German Beer Icon

The creation of Biergit Kraft as the Rothaus Brewery emblem is clouded in mystery, with the most likely scenario being that she was a collaboration between several artists associated with the brewery during the 1950s. While Ernst Kraft is sometimes credited with the original painting (perhaps due to his surname), the exact details of the artist, or artists, involved are difficult to pin down. The stuff of legend!

However, we do know for sure that artist Michael Sojka modernised the illustration in the 1970s - giving Biergit Kraft a more contemporary look while retaining her iconic charms. Then, in the 1980s, Graphic Designer Roland Jenne refined the artwork with strikingly bold lines and solid colours. Jenne’s version of Biergit Kraft adorns all things Rothaus to this day.

Over several decades and artistic interpretations, Biergit Kraft remains clad in her traditional dirndl dress and ‘Bollenhut’ (Black Forest hat); smiling warmly and proffering two glasses of delicious Rothaus beer. She always embodies the essence of traditional brewing and the friendly hospitality of the Black Forest region.

The naming of the icon was decided upon by Rothaus fans in the 1990s, when the brewery asked them to come up with suggestions as she had no official name. The winning name was based on the saying “Beer gives you strength” (“Bier gibt Kraft”) with a nod to Ernst Kraft. The name also cleverly navigates the challenges of talking positively about alcohol due to Government restrictions as Rothaus would never be able to claim this themselves.

1956 Biergit Kraft

A Celebration of Artistry and German Beer

This World Art Day, let’s celebrate the creativity and artistic expression that brought Biergit Kraft to life and keeps her alive to this day. Through paintings, sculptures, and various other artistic mediums, Biergit Kraft continues to capture imaginations.

As we raise a glass to Biergit Kraft on World Art Day, we celebrate the artistry and ingenuity that define the Rothaus Brewery; and resonate with German beer and art enthusiasts everywhere.

Get Involved and Win a Case of Rothaus Beer!

We invite you to join us in celebrating Biergit Kraft on World Art Day!

For a chance to win a 24-pack of your favourite Rothaus beer, simply share your own drawings, paintings, or Rothaus bottle photos featuring Biergit Kraft on social media with the hashtags #BiergitKraftUK and #WorldArtDay between now and midnight on Monday 15th April.

Whether you're a seasoned artist or simply appreciate the charms of Biergit Kraft, we would love for you to be a part of this global celebration of art, culture, and tradition (and German beer!).

Prost to World Art Day, Biergit Kraft, and YOU!

As World Art Day reminds us of the universal language of creativity, here’s to Biergit Kraft and the enduring legacy she represents. She has great taste in beer too!

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