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🍺 Click here to learn about German beer styles, brewing, traditions, and more! 🍺
Exploring World Heritage Sites in Baden-Württemberg, Home of Rothaus -

Exploring World Heritage Sites in Baden-Württemberg, Home of Rothaus

In honour of World Heritage Day (Thursday 18th April), Andrew Morgan, Sales & Marketing Director, Black Forest Beers and member of the British Guild of Beer Writers takes us on a journey through some fascinating UNESCO World Heritage sites in Baden-Württemberg. Whether you’re simply viewing these sites online or travelling to them in person (Andrew helpfully includes Google Maps directions from the Rothaus Brewery), be sure to sip some Rothaus beers along the way!

Celebrate World Heritage Day with Rothaus

World Heritage Day is the perfect time to celebrate the rich culture, history, and natural beauty of Baden-Württemberg, the home state of Rothaus.

For Rothaus beer enthusiasts in the UK, who may dream of exploring Baden-Württemberg's UNESCO World Heritage sites, World Heritage Day offers a great opportunity to indulge in imagination and taste. So, pour a Rothaus beer, read on, and let’s blend history with hops!

And, for those fortunate enough to be traveling to Baden-Württemberg this year, here’s your guide to finding and experiencing these sites firsthand.

Hohenzollern Castle

Hohenzollern Castle

Perched atop Mount Hohenzollern in Baden-Württemberg, Hohenzollern Castle is a grand medieval fortress with stunning architecture.

Originating in the 11th century and expanded over time, the castle served as the ancestral seat of the influential Hohenzollern dynasty.

With its fairytale-like appearance, fortified walls, beautiful artworks, and panoramic views of the Swabian Alps, Hohenzollern Castle offers visitors a remarkable journey through centuries of German heritage and noble legacy.

This is a must-see World Heritage Site for history enthusiasts and admirers of natural beauty alike.

Click here for directions from the Rothaus Brewery to Hohenzollern Castle

Mualbronn Monastery

Maulbronn Monastery

Nestled in the peaceful countryside of Baden-Württemberg, Maulbronn Monastery is a masterpiece of Cistercian architecture.

Founded in the 12th century, Maulbronn Monastery is renowned for its blend of Romanesque and Gothic styles, exquisite cloisters, and awe-inspiring Gothic church.

The monastery's tranquil courtyards and meticulously preserved buildings offer a glimpse into the lives of the Cistercian monks who once inhabited its walls.

Today, Maulbronn Monastery stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of medieval monasticism, and it's a cherished symbol of cultural heritage in Baden-Württemberg.

Click here for directions from the Rothaus Brewery to Mualbronn Monastery

Lake Constance Pile Dwellings

Lake Constance Prehistoric Pile Dwellings

Remnants of the Neolithic and Bronze Age communities that once thrived along the banks of Lake Constance and its surrounding wetlands, the prehistoric pile dwellings are a fascinating glimpse into ancient human settlement patterns and technological ingenuity in the face of environmental challenges.

Constructed on wooden platforms or stilts above the water, these dwellings provided early inhabitants with protection from floods, wild animals, and enemies; while also enabling access to fishing and trade routes.

Today, these archaeological sites offer invaluable insights into prehistoric life - with artifacts such as pottery, tools, and household items shedding light on the daily activities and cultural practices of Baden-Württemberg’s ancestors.

Not to mention, Rothaus sources its summer barley malt and 'noble' aromatic hops from fields near Lake Constance. So, with every sip, Rothaus beer delivers a delicious blend of history and ingenuity. Flavours that echo centuries of craftsmanship.

Click here for directions from the Rothaus Brewery to Lake Constance

Pairing History with Hops: Enjoying Rothaus Beer

As you sip your Rothaus beer on World Heritage Day, perhaps you’ll picture yourself amidst the rich history and beauty of Hohenzollern Castle, Maulbronn Monastery, or Lake Constance. Simply raising your glass to these fascinating World Heritage Sites in Baden-Württemberg perfectly blends past and present.

And, for those embarking on a ‘real’ journey to Baden-Württemberg this year, may every sip of Rothaus beer enhance your appreciation of these World Heritage Sites, and their significance in the home state of Rothaus.

Whether viewing online and raising a glass in imagination, or exploring Baden-Württemberg firsthand, here's to history, hops, and the boundless magic of Baden-Württemberg's World Heritage Sites - prost!

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