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Click here to try 'the ultimate life hack in a can' with £15 off! 🍏+🥤=😁
GREAT NEWS! We’re also shipping via Amazon -

GREAT NEWS! We’re also shipping via Amazon

We’re now also shipping via Amazon! Andrew Morgan, Sales & Marketing Director, Black Forest Beers shares the background behind this decision and why it will work perfectly for your Rothaus beer orders...

We’ve got great news to share. You’re now able to order your Rothaus beers via Amazon (as well as via this website in the usual way).

We’ve spent months preparing for this and we’re super excited to know that Amazon’s amazing network will get our beers to you safely and quickly.

Next-day delivery and no delivery charges

For those of you with Amazon Prime membership, you’re now able to order Rothaus beers with next-day delivery included in the price. Ergebnis!

Protecting your Rothaus beer

With Amazon, your Rothaus beers will be safe and secure. We’re confident that Amazon’s best-in-class shipping solutions will protect your precious beers in transit.

Keep in touch with us

We’ll still have the German Drinks website open, so please do contact us with any comments or questions, especially about how you’re finding the new Amazon service.

As always, thank you!

Many thanks to all our dedicated customers and Rothaus fans!

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this new service and what it means to your enjoyment of Rothaus beer.

From the Black Forest to the Amazon, Prost!!

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