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Rothaus Eiszäpfle 5.6% (33cl bottles)


All eyes on the Eiszäpfle

A mildly hopped Märzen with a prominent malty profile. A spicy aroma with a nutty undertone. Absolutely amazing drinkability.

The icicles on the label (“Eis”) aren't just a nod to the winter season. One method of harvesting the ice was to erect large wooden scaffolding which was sprayed with water. Icicles would form on the beams, which could then be knocked off and used to cool the beer!

Despite depicting a frosty scene to make the Eiszäpfle feel like a refreshing option on a scorching hot day, the icicles are intended to stir emotions of a cosy, fireplace, also making it a classic winter sipper.

This is the same great beer as the 50cl Rothaus Märzen.

Case contains 10 or 12 bottles and a FREE postcard!


Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops
Alcohol content: 5.6% vol.
Gravity: 13.4%
Bitterness units: 25