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Now available! A 'must try' Franconian schwarzbier from Oechsner - click here to find out more.
Now available! A 'must try' Franconian schwarzbier from Oechsner - click here to find out more.

Bembel With Care Apfelwein

To the north of the Black Forest, straddling the junction of three German states, is the charming region of Odenwald. A lush, low-lying mountain range, Odenwald has a long association with agricultural crafts, most notably with earthenware 'Linear Pottery' (simple cups, bowls, vases, and jugs). 
Thanks to an amalgamation of climates in an area only around half the size of The Lake District, Odenwald is also revered for growing an incredible variety of delicious apples (together with apricots, cherries, and asparagus). 

Odenwald, Germany

This traditional cider-making region, famed for its world-class orchard apples – specifically “Streuobstwiese” – meaning scattered fruit trees or meadow orchard, is also home to the revolutionary, Apfelweinkultur 2.0 (Apple Cider Culture).

Enter Bembel With Care.

Coined by artisan producer, Bembel With Care, Apfelwein itself translates as "apple wine".  A pivotal difference between the Bembel With Care Apfelwein and the small number of fruit ciders currently available in the UK, is that Apfelwein is not artificially flavoured, nor sweetened. 

Bembel With Care Apfelwein Kirsche

Aside from a delicate balance of CO2 to give the drinks a luxurious mouthfeel, the Apfelwein is produced using completely natural, local ingredients.
If you haven't yet found a cider that you've truly fallen in love with, the chances are you haven't tried Bembel With Care Apfelwein.

This is most extraordinarily pure, palate-cleansing and refined cider you have ever had the pleasure of tasting. We're not nervous that we might be raising your expectations too high — we are sure that once you too have sampled this, you'll also be as enamoured with it as we are!

We import two flavours: Kirsche (Sour Cherry) and Gold, which is refined with quince.


The apples used in the cider are supplemented by the local community in an exchange known as "Apfelannahme" – meaning 'apple acceptance'.
Local people, who also benefit from the region's optimum growing conditions, receive a ‘wage per weight’ (or a discount on the freshly pressed juice). 


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Bembel With Care is owned by Kelterei Krämer GmbH
Crumbacher Strasse 6, 64385 Reichelsheim / Beerfurth, Germany