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Click here to try 'the ultimate life hack in a can' with £15 off! 🍏+🥤=😁
Click here to try 'the ultimate life hack in a can' with £15 off! 🍏+🥤=😁

BEMBEL WITH CARE German Cider Cola (BEMBEL WITH CARE Apfelwein Cola) 4.0% 500ml (50cl) Cans


65% cider + 35% cola


Germany’s secret favourite. We're so keen for you to try it, we're currently offering x12 cans with a £15.00 discount (while stocks last).

A unique twist on cider: BEMBEL WITH CARE’s pure Apfelwein mixed with cola.

It's the ultimate life hack in a can! All the benefits of apple-based alcohol and caffeine-based cola.

BEMBEL WITH CARE created this mixed cider and cola drink as a tribute to their homeland, the Odenwald (low mountain range in the German states of Hesse, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg).

Fruity, sweet, and simply special.


Ingredients: Apple cider, water, sugar, colouring agent: caramel (E150d), acidifier: phosphoric acid, flavouring: caffeine, carbonic acid

Alcohol content: 4.0% vol.

Nutrition & Dietary

Naturally gluten-free


Allergens: Contains sulphites

Other: With antioxidant

Calories: 176kJ/42kcal per 100ml

Fat: >0.1g per 100ml

Carbohydrates: 4.7g per 100ml, of which sugars: 4.7g

Protein: >0.1g per 100ml

Did You Know?

BEMBEL WITH CARE Apfelwein Cola has received the following awards.

2018: Golden DLG Seal

2017: International Cider Competition Sagardo Forum Gold Medal