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🍺 Click here to learn about German beer styles, brewing, traditions, and more! 🍺
🍺 Click here to learn about German beer styles, brewing, traditions, and more! 🍺

Rothaus Alcohol Free Wheat Beer (Rothaus Hefeweizen Alkoholfrei) <0.5% 500ml (50cl) Bottles


Unrecognisably alcohol-free wheat beer!


The quintessential German wheat beer, retaining its full flavour with less than 0.5% alcohol.

Wheat malt, aromatic hops and Rothaus’ own brewing yeast give their non-alcoholic Hefeweizen its fine, sparkling taste. Rothaus uses a system that’s the only one of its kind in Germany to extract the alcohol in a gentle process leaving the beers’ aromas intact.

An unrecognisably alcohol-free wheat beer from Rothaus, one of the most respected and admired German wheat beer brands in the world.

*Red plastic Rothaus crate not included. Bottles shipped in protective and recyclable cardboard packaging.

Tasting Notes

“Pleasantly tangy. The honey tapers off in the aftertaste, leaving just a hint of bitterness that strikes the tongue in a short, dry flash.” - Oliver Wesseloh (World champion beer sommelier)

Appearance: Solid, off-white head. Rich golden tones with a touch of copper and a slight cloudiness.

Aroma: Fresh straw, honey, a hint of caramel and a distant whiff of fruit, such as ripe apple and banana.

Flavour: The first sensation is a rush of sweetness, like honey, but which quickly becomes much thinner. This taste weaves itself through the beer: not much body, pleasantly easy to drink and a very subtle sweetness like that of a banana that has been drizzled with honey, although the honey dominates. Pleasantly fizzy. There is another echo of honey in the finish, and then a quick, dry flash of bitterness appears. Extremely good as a refreshing drink on a warm day.

Special aspect: Thanks to a particularly gentle dealcoholisation process with aroma recovery, the non-alcoholic Hefeweizen retains its full flavour. That leads to a fruity, fresh beer experience that’s always in season – have you tried it yet?


Ingredients: Water, wheat malt, barley malt, hops, yeast (and that’s all!)

Alcohol content: <0.5% vol.

Gravity: 14.5%

Bitterness units: 14

Nutrition & Dietary

Vegan friendly

Did You Know?

A German purity law wheat beer. (All Rothaus beers are made to the Reinheitsgebot, the German Beer Purity Law of 1516.)